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Shocking service, food missing

Ordered takeaway online, order confirmed delivery time of 45 mins. Received an email about a min later to say my order was slightly delayed by 30 mins, took 2hrs! The food was cold and items missing, tried to call the takeaway for 40 mins but it seemed like they had taken the phone off the hook. Issues not resolved as can't speak to anyone, if this was in a restaurant I would not have paid for it as it was that bad.
placed by Dean Stritch on the 22nd July 2017

Forgot starter

For the second time they forgot the free starter that you get if you spend over £15.
placed by Julie Lowe on the 10th July 2017

Lovely meal.

The food was lovely, didn't like the prawn dish as the prawns were clearly not fresh. The Naan bread was cold which was disappointing. The delivery came 1/2 hour early. Good job I was home?
placed by Tracey Brawn on the 9th July 2017

Channa Masala & Chicken Passandra Mash up

I had Channa Masala & Chicken Passandra with rice which was a lovely combo and very satisfying. A lovely meal.
placed by Seth Mallock on the 29th June 2017

Fantastic food again

Very nice food, only small criticism was the fact it was delivered an hour early. The meal was very tasty and will use again
placed by Andrew Parker on the 24th June 2017

Not understand your orders?

I ordered my food as a timed order for 8pm and it turned up at 6.30 being told by the driver . No good doing a timed order in a indian they can't read! I thought this was very unprofessional , and to be honest when we got our food at 8pm I don't believe you had cooked it fresh again think it was kept warm. Won't be rushing back .
placed by Sarah Hawkins on the 24th June 2017

Great takeaway

Really enjoyed all aspects of this meal, and the added extras were greatly appreciated. A very tasty couple of curries, good breads, great biryani - will be going back there soon
placed by Paul Curtis on the 21st June 2017

Best Indian I have had for a long time

I tried the Chicken nagamorich, which I had previously never heard of. I was very impressed with the quantity and quality, it was hot, spicy, and very tasty not just extra curry powder. Ordered on line, delivered on time and without a doubt I will be using again. Thanks for a great meal
placed by Andrew Parker on the 18th June 2017

Awful delivery

We ate at Village Spice a couple of weeks ago and the food was lovely. I ordered my delivery at 1955 I phoned at 2055 as it had not arrived at 2130 I went to Village Spice and collected it myself. No contact from Village Spice to say my food was delayed. I received £3.45 off my order. Upon returning home we were missing a naan bread and my rice was wrong. They had also cooked the wrong meal for my partner as their printer was running out of ink. The naan bread was very swiftly delivered. As usual LOVELY food but by 10pm when finally eating my food I had somewhat lost any interest in eating it. I would use their restaurant again but I would not use their delivery service. If they had been proactive and contacted me to say they were incredibly busy etc I would have understood and at least known my food was on its way! I'm pleased they had a really busy night i love a small independent business :) but really disappointed in the service I received.
placed by Claire Dowson on the 11th June 2017

Expected a lot more

Online menu was great, with lots of variety and the option to pay online and have it delivered within a specified time slot. They listened to my online request of providing some natural yogurt for our Sag which isn't available to select on the menu which was excellent too (thanks)! Unfortunately there were a few cons from our personal experience. Although for some having food turn up earlier then expected is great but was a huge inconvenience for us when it arrived 20 mins too early and we weren't at our hotel room to accept. The driver turned around and left so had to phone them up get him to redeliver. On the positive they were kind enough to compensate us with a free bottle of wine which was a nice touch. Also the portions are massive and one dish can easily fill up two people! However food was rather bland with no real kick of any real Indian herbs or spices (not necessarily talking about how hot), on top had pools of oil to deal with. Bare in mind I'm Indian and have years of tasting experience ;)!
placed by Jeetinder Thiara on the 4th June 2017

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